GMR Analytics monitor and analyse technical, economic, trends, competitive, customer, best practices and emerging market perspectives into one system which supports the entire “growth cycle”, helping our clients to have a complete picture of their industry, and the impact these factors have on other industries.



GMR Analytics customarily utilizes corporate- and business-level consulting expertise to steer the course of growth of some of the largest and most promising enterprises in the world. Our business consulting competencies are only strengthened by our holistic market knowledge developed over the course of many years by our able team of economists, SMEs, and market research analysts.


Custom Solutions

GMR Analytics provides customised, cost effective, strategic business intelligence solutions tailored to meet your exact requirements. All results, data and analysis will be exclusively for your organization (as per your need). Our research experts will design solutions for your organisation with the best combination of quantitative and qualitative methods matched to your information needs.


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