Company Profiles

Business company profiles are a valuable source of business intelligence on competitors, prospects, customers and potential suppliers. They are used by professionals that require business information to meet objectives such as:

Preparing for meetings and sales calls
Evaluating new business opportunities
Planning marketing campaigns
Preparing sales and financial forecasts

Sources of Company Profiles

Some basic information is freely available on the Internet, but the highest quality information with the most editorial verification is available through business information service providers, such as GMR Analytics.

Company profiles summarize a company’s history, executives, financials and other information. They are often offered by business information services as part of extensive information databases, business browser solutions or single company research reports. Users usually purchase a subscription to access them.

Company Profile Components

A company profile provides the information business professionals need to get a full picture of a prospect, competitor, customer, or acquisition opportunity. Common components include:

Snapshot of top-line data to give a sense for company size, longevity and viability: Number of employees, credit rating, annual sales and year of incorporation are data that fall into this category.

Business description showing how the company positions itself: This briefly summarizes a company’s focus, history, competitive position and corporate structure.

Listings of senior staff to support marketing campaigns and meeting preparation: The most detailed company profiles also include top executive profiles.

Financial health data: Credit ratings, recommended credit limits and annual sales data is often provided.

Market position data that shows how the company competes: Common information includes major brands and trade names, lines of business, neighboring businesses, key competitors, markets served, and SIC and NAICS codes.

Announcements and news coverage: A comprehensive company profile summarizes headlines publicizing key events and provides full text of select news coverage and press releases.

Companies we have profiled:

pdf Steelcase Inc. , April 2016

pdf BNSF Railway , December 2015

pdf IDA , August 2015

pdf Booz Allen Hamilton , April 2015

pdf SAS , December 2014

pdf Analytics Operations Engineering, Inc. , August 2014

pdf Gurobi Optimization , April 2014

pdf General Motors , December 2013

pdf End-to-End Analytics , August 2013

pdf Mayo Clinic , April 2013

pdf Paragon Decision Technology (AIMMS) , December 2012

pdf Bank of America , August 2012

pdf Disney Parks & Resorts , April 2012

pdf IBM , December 2011

pdf Land O'Lakes , August 2011

pdf Jeppesen , April 2011

pdf FedEx , December 2010

pdf Frontline Systems, Inc. , August 2010

pdf Princeton Consultants, Inc. , April 2010

pdf United Parcel Service , December 2009

pdf McDonald's , August 2009

pdf Applied Mathematics, Inc. , April 2009

pdf General Electric Global Research Center , December 2008

pdf Wagner Associates , August 2008

pdf Hewlett-Packard , April 2008

pdf Schneider National, Inc. , December 2007

pdf Ford Motor Company , August 2007

pdf Weyerhaeuser Company , April 2007

pdf Boeing , December 2006

pdf PPG Industries, Inc. , August 2006

pdf Air Products , April 2006

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